Code Poets Limited

At Code Poets we create custom web systems which become central to business operations.

Your company may be using Excel spreadsheets or Access databases to manage data. And while these tools work well initially, they quickly become over complicated, time consuming to maintain, and unreliable.

For example, you may have a spreadsheet to record expenses, which can only be edited by one person at a time, be silently applying formulas incorrectly, and is outside of a proper/tested backup procedure.

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Case Studies

Gillman & Soame

The Gillman and Soame website focuses on school photography, and started in August 2005.

Parents are given login details to preview and purchase their photograph; which can be via a proof card, the Archive, or via the schools Image Bank.

Not only does the website manage the orders, it also supports the names department, who record, verify, and print the student names shown below photographs. The names are entered via multiple methods (barcodes, paperwork, or by the teachers themselves), which results in a PDF that can be printed with the photograph, including custom fonts and logos.

Contact Associates

The Contact Associates portal was created during 2011, and allows students with disabilities to request and book a DSA Needs Assessment.

The portal allows the assessors to collect the students details, including medical evidence, and to write their report. This is proof read, and automatically sent to the correct funding body (typically PGP encrypted), along with an invoice.

As the system has grown, the business has become more streamlined, allowing assessors to spend more time with the students, and less time on admin tasks (such as time sheets).

From the admin side, availability and bookings can be monitored from a single page, while keeping assessors holidays in consideration when changes are made.

There are also a range of reports about the staff and students available, such as whether assessments are completed on time, which is required by Student Finance England.


The Thrive Approach website is primarily an online course and membership administration system.

Potential and existing students/schools are able to book their courses (for themselves or a group), and these bookings are also managed via the website.

This website also grants members access to the forums, protected resources, and their assessment tool; with many features included to help with the running of the business.